Do we need Art? Why Art Matters? Is there a purpose to art...

What is ART for 

You may believe there was a simple reply to this. In the end, we know how to say what most things are for: like this or that. Humans flock to museums like never earlier, so they must have their explanations. But in relation to artwork people get strangely afraid to ask too directly what it would all be for when you consider ART.

Well, everyone except you could recognize the reply already. It can be probably apparent, it might be too complicated. The outcomes is a clumsy silence and numerous confusion. However maybe it is just not that tough to say what art is for. Possibly we can have a go at ascribing certain rather clear purposes to art.

Here is five things that artwork might be able to do for us.

  1. Art keeps us hopeful

it's an apparent but proven fact that probably the most popular artistic endeavors on the earth show pretty images: happy people, flowers in spring, blue skies. This enthusiasm for prettiness worries serious type of person quite a bit. They marvel on whether people have forgotten what existence is fairly like? However that seems a misplaced worry. We need pretty things close to us not because we're in danger of forgetting the bad stuff but because terrible problems weigh so heavily on us that we're in danger of slipping into despair and depression. That's why prettiness matters. It's a brand of hope, which is an achievement. Prettiness – those flowers and blue skies and kids in meadows is hope bottled and preserved, ready for us after we need it.

  1. Art makes us less lonely

The world in general requires us to position a happy façade, however beneath the surface there's quite a lot of unhappiness and regret that we can not express from fear of seeming bizarre or a loser. One factor art can do is reassure us of the normality of discomfort. It may be sad with and for us. Probably the world's most finest works of art have been loved for their capacity to make the anguish that's inside all people more publicly obvious and available. Like putting on a tragic piece of music, dark or dull artistic endeavors don't have to depress us, instead they can supply us the welcome feeling that pain is a component of the human situation. Art fights the false optimism of commerical society. It's there to remind us with dignity that every good lifestyle has wonderful quantities of confusion, suffering, loneliness, struggling and misery within it. And that accordingly, we will have to certainly not aggravate sadness by way of feeling we must be freakish without difficulty for experiencing it quite a lot.

  1. Art rebalances us

Every person is a little unbalanced somehow. We're too intellectual or too emotional, too masculine or too female, too calm or too excitable. The art we like is probably anything we're drawn to given that it compensates us for what we lack. It counterbalances us. Once we're moved by way of a work of art, it usually is for the reason that it comprises concentrated doses of characteristics and qualities we'd like more of in our lives. Probably it's stuffed with the serenity we admire however shouldn't have enough of, maybe it is obtained the tenderness we long for but that our jobs and relationships are presently lacking. Or perhaps it's suffused with the pain and drama we have had to stifle however want to get in contact with. Typically a whole society falls in love with a certain type in artwork because it can be seeking to rebalance itself: like France in the late 18th century that wanted David as a corrective to its decadence or Britain within the 19th century that seemed to the pre-Raphaelites to counter the results of brutal industrialisation. The art a nation or a person calls 'beautiful' gives you important clues as to what's lacking in them. It can be within the power of art to aid us consider more rounded, extra balanced and extra sane.

  1. Art helps us appreicate stuff

The media is always giving us guidelines about what's glamorous and foremost. Artwork also tells us about what's glamorous and fundamental however, fortunately, since you were not invited once more to the Oscars this year, it regularly picks on some very distinct things.

Albrecht Durer makes grass seem glamorous, John Constable attracts our awareness to the skies, Van Gogh reminds us that oranges are worth paying attention to, Marcel Duchamp challenges us again to see at the reputedly mundane. These artists don't seem to be falsely glamorising matters that are overlooked, they're justly teasing out a value that's been neglected by a world with a deeply distorted and unfair sense of what truly concerns. Artwork returns glamour to it's rightful place, highlighting what's simply worth appreciating.

  1. Art is propaganda for what fairly concerns

Nothing seems additional from good art than propaganda, the sort encouraging you to fight or what government to support. But one option to believe about art is that it is a sort of propaganda in the sense of a device that motivates and energises you for a rationale, most effective it's propaganda on behalf of one of the most important and nicest emotions and attitudes in the world, which it makes use of its capabilities to make newly attractive and available. It probably propaganda concerning the easy lifestyles or concerning the have to increase one's horizons, or a couple of extra playful, gentle approach to existence. It can be a force that stands up for the best side of human nature and offers them a platform and an authority in a loud, distracted world.

For too long art has attracted slightly an excessive amount of reverence and mystique for its own good. In its presence we're like someone meeting a very famous person, we get stiff and lose our spontaneity. We should relax round it as we already do with music and learn to make use of it for what it's fairly meant for: as a steady source of support and encouragement for our higher selves.

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