Figurative Art

Figurative art describes artwork that is clearly derived from real object sources, and are therefore by definition representational. "Figurative art" is often defined in contrast to abstract art.

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"Sadhu" by Sumantra Mukherjee (22"x28" Acrylic on Paper)
Rs 17985

"Tribal Women"

"Tribal Women" by Jiaur Rahman (48"x36" Acrylic on Canvas)
Rs 6000


"Dream" by Pranjal Koshti (8"x10" Watercolour on Paper)
Rs 14000


"Selection" by Sreenivasa Ram Makineedi (14"x9" Watercolour on Paper)
Rs 3500

"The Pioneer"

"The Pioneer" by Gourab Basu (12"x16" Acrylic on Paper)
Rs 10000

"Work in Progress - II"

"Work in Progress - II" by Prabal Mallick (11"x15" Watercolour on Paper)
Rs 2999