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We are an independent ART enthusiastic, dealing with talented artist promoting their works of art.

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"Lengthening Shadow"

"Lengthening Shadow" by Sajal Mitra (22"x30" Watercolour on Paper)
Rs 2500

"Life in a Wrapper - 3"

"Life in a Wrapper - 3" by Subhasish Chakravarty (36"x24" Oil on Canvas)
Rs 27000


"Sadhu" by Sumantra Mukherjee (22"x28" Acrylic on Paper)
Rs 17985


"Selection" by Sreenivasa Ram Makineedi (14"x9" Watercolour on Paper)
Rs 3500

"The Pioneer"

"The Pioneer" by Gourab Basu (12"x16" Acrylic on Paper)
Rs 10000

"The Ring ||Ramayana||"

"The Ring ||Ramayana||" by Rangan Bhattacharya (20"x30" Watercolour on Paper)
Rs 4500