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About 404 Gallery

  • What is 404 Gallery all about?

404 Gallery is a leading online gallery for the sale of original art by contemporary artists. It is an online platform for artists to showcase and sell their art. At 404 Gallery, we believe that there are thousands of talented artists in various nooks and corners of the world. It is our goal to find such talented artists and showcase their art in front of the world.

  • How does this work?

404 Gallery is a very easy-to-use platform. If you are an artist, you can sign up on 404 Gallery (signing up is free). You will be given a dedicated gallery, and you can upload images of your artwork to your gallery. Once your images are successfully uploaded and approved, the whole world will be able to view your artwork! People can buy your artwork from the website too.

  • How much do I have to pay to get my own dedicated gallery?

You don’t have to pay anything to get your own gallery. It’s absolutely free, and we will never charge you for your gallery, ever! Sign-Up Now

  • What do I need to start showing my art in my gallery?

All you need is an internet connection and images of your artwork.

  • There are so many physical galleries. Why should I join 404 Gallery?

While physical galleries have a charm of their own, they have their limitations too. For one, by virtue of having a physical presence, they are not always easily accessible – neither by artists, nor by customers. For instance, there may not be any physical art gallery in your town, or in the town where your customers are. Secondly, since the space in the physical galleries are limited, and since the number of talented artists is very high, physical galleries tend to be overbooked, and in certain cases, expensive. At 404 Gallery, you have virtually an unlimited amount of space to showcase your art. Also, the 404 Gallery is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. So, anyone, even art-lovers from international locations can view, appreciate and purchase your art at any time. To summarize, 404 Gallery is FREE, always ACCESSIBLE and AVAILABLE for everyone. Our motto is: “Art is for everyone”. 404 Gallery is a popular one-stop shop for both artists and art-lovers.

  • I’m interested in joining 404 Gallery. Where can I send my original artwork?

You don’t need to send your original work to us. Please upload a high-resolution image of your artwork to your gallery. That’s all.

  • Do you sell originals or prints?

We sell both originals as of now.

If I don’t send my original artwork to you, how will you sell it?

We accept Original Art Enquiries from our customers, on the basis of the image you upload. When the sale happens, we collect the money from the customer and hold it in our account. You will be responsible for shipping the original artwork to the customer. Once the customer has received the artwork and is satisfied with it, we transfer the money to your account.

  • What are your commissions?

Currently, 404 Gallery charges a commission of 20% on the sale of original artwork.

  • How do I know how many of my artwork is getting sold?

404 Gallery maintains an extremely transparent record of which of your artwork has been sold, what their values were, and what has been your earnings from the sales. You can access this report anytime from your Artist Dashboard.

  • If I put up my artwork on your website, can I put it up anywhere else?

Yes, you can. Always remember – we are here so that YOU can be successful. You are free to host your work in any other website and sell from those platforms as well. We have only one request of you – if you have been able to sell an original artwork from any other website, please inform us immediately so that we can take it off 404 Gallery. This is very important because if you don’t inform us, we assume that the artwork is still available for sale.

  • Don’t I need to market my artwork by advertising it?

At 404 Gallery, we believe that an artist’s singular passion is to create art. With all due respect, we request you to forget everything about marketing, advertising and selling and concentrate on creating your art. Your talent is very special, and you should leave all these ‘extra effort’ jobs to us – we will be happy to take care of everything, and ensure that your artwork gets the right visibility, and that your customers are happy.

  • Are my images safe on your website?

404 Gallery has been founded on the principles of helping artists. We respect your intellectual property rights. The high-resolution images that you upload are never actually displayed on the website. We create low-resolution images from your artwork, and display them. All large images on our ‘zoom’ feature are watermarked. Your images are absolutely safe with us, and they are accessed by us only when a customer orders your artwork. 404 Gallery is a next-generation online art gallery and the 404 Gallery brand is growing in popularity in art circuits every day. We will never use, sell or modify your artwork without your permission. Please go through our Artist Agreement for more details.

Artist Account

  • Who can join 404 Gallery?

Any person who is above the age of 18 years can join 404 Gallery.

  • Can I set up an account with my friend?

No, your gallery needs to have artworks which have been created by you and you alone. Your friend can open a separate account and create his or her own gallery. Signing up for an account is free.

  • Can I set up more than one account?

No, one artist is allowed to set up only one account. Currently, we do not have upper limit to the number of artworks you can exhibit from your gallery.

  • I have purchased a number of artworks from an artist. Can I sell them on 404 Gallery?

Currently, 404 Gallery does not work with resellers or agents. Your gallery needs to display only those artworks which have been CREATED by you.

  • What kind of art is accepted?

You can exhibit paintings, sketches, drawings, photographs and digital art. Murals and tapestries etc. are currently not accepted.

  • Why are you asking for my bank account details?

When you sell an original artwork, we will transfer the money to your bank account. Hence, we need these details.

  • I am an artist, but I don’t reside in India. Can I join 404 Gallery?

We will be delighted to have you on board. If you have a bank account in India, you are all set. If you don’t have a bank account in India, please contact us and we will set you up with a PayPal account. Please note that in case your original artwork is purchased on 404 Gallery, you will be responsible for shipping your original work to your customer.

  • Do I really have to fill in all the details in my Profile?

Your profile contains very important detail about you. It is absolutely necessary for you to maintain a complete profile. Profiles that are incomplete are highly unlikely to feature in search results. Profile completeness is one of the factors of getting prominence on the 404 Gallery website. Also, please keep your profile information up-to-date, and make changes whenever any of the details change.

Managing your Art

  • How do I upload my artworks?

You can upload your artworks by signing into your account and then clicking on the ‘Upload your Art’ button in your Artist Dashboard.

Photographing and Uploading

  • How do I photograph my work?

The photograph you upload of your artwork is the only reference the buyer has to the final product he or she is buying. It is essential that the image you upload truly represents of the beauty of the art you have created.

In its basics, photographing your artwork is very simple. You can use any basic digital camera to photograph your work.

  1. Shoot: Set up your artwork completely upright – stretch out a canvas or a painting against a wall; on an even, clean, light surface. Shoot in bright, soft light and make sure your images aren’t too dark or too light. When you take a photo of your paintings or your other art, make sure that your camera is parallel to the artwork, and keep minimal space around the object you’re shooting to get a large, clear image.
    Remember to ensure that the camera flash isn’t visible in the image. It obscures the view of the artwork.
  2. Edit: When editing, keep it simple, and as close to the original as possible. The image should not be smaller than 1920 x 1920 pixel to ensure a good visual experience for the buyer and atleast 200 dpi. Make sure you crop all edges from the image, and do not include any frames or mounts on a painting.
    Remember, your image needs to conform to these specifications to be accepted, so make sure you follow these guidelines while shooting and editing.
  3. Upload: 404 Gallery provides you a simple way to upload from your desktop or laptop. This can be found in your login section.
  •  Is there a minimum number of artwork required?

As long as you have one artwork in your gallery, you are all set. But please note that your customers usually look at your entire body of work before making a purchase decision. If you have a solid body of work, with a good number of artworks, your chances of a sale are higher.

  • Are there any restrictions on the image that I will upload?

The image of your artwork can either be the original artwork itself (as in the case of photography or digital art) or a digital image of your artwork. The image should be either in JPEG or PNG formats. The minimum resolution of the image should be 200dpi, with both sides (width & height) larger than 1000 pixels. The maximum file size of the image should be 20MB. The image should be free of any marks, reflections or blemishes. Please remember that it is the image you upload sells your artwork. Therefore, your image should be as close to the original as possible. 404 Gallery will reject images which are not of good quality, or which have frames, watermarks, timestamps and other items/people visible in them. 404 Gallery will apply its own watermark to your images.

  • Which resolution is right for me?

The higher the image resolution, the better the quality of the print and the larger the size of the print, without losing quality. Please try and upload images with the maximum possible resolution.

  • Can you photoshop my image and make it look better?

We will not alter/modify your image and it will be displayed as you have uploaded it. Therefore, please ensure that your image does not have overexposure, excessive light, reflections, red-eyes, blemishes and marks, because we will NOT correct these for you. Similarly, if your image has a frame, or an unwanted border, or timestamps, etc. we will NOT edit these out for you. Your image needs to be as close to the original as is possible.

  • What else should I remember while uploading an image?

It is very important for you to fill ALL the details of your artwork in the Upload page. Please do not leave any of the fields blank. Images without required details will not be uploaded. Images with incorrect details are liable to be rejected by our curators. For instance, if we feel that your image clearly has a portrait orientation, and you have mentioned a landscape orientation, we will reject the image. Similarly, if you enter irrelevant tags or an abnormally high/low price or dimension, we will reject the image.

  • I have uploaded an image as per your guidelines. Why can’t I see it on my gallery?

We check and curate all uploaded images, in order to ensure that the uploaded images conform to our content guidelines and are generally of a presentable quality. Images are usually approved/rejected within 6-7 business days of the upload. Please wait for 6-7 business days for your image to be visible on the website. If you still can’t see your image, in all likelihood it has been rejected. You may write to us, and we’ll try to explain to you why your image has been rejected. However, please note that due to the large number of uploads on the website, it may not always be possible for us to reply to you with a reason for rejection. Please be patient, and we will try and get back to you.

  •  What is an Art Title?

An art title is the name you choose to give your artwork. Remember that titles are searchable, so check for any misspellings that might make it more difficult for buyers to find your work. If your title does not include words that a buyer is likely to search for, then be sure to include those words as tags (see below for a description of tags).

  • What is a Product tag?

Tags are descriptive words that capture the essence of an individual artwork. They add greater visibility to your artwork by allowing your art to be found more easily and ranked higher in buyer searches. Tags can describe any relevant characteristic of an art piece, such as colours, mood, specific subject or anything you can think of to describe that particular work. The more relevant keywords your artwork contains, the more exposure it will get through searches. For example, an image of a girl playing in a park may have the following tags: Girl, Child, Park, Play, Happy, Fun, Yellow (if the girl’s dress is yellow) etc. If the title of that work does not include the words “Girl Playing in a Park” then it would be especially important to include those words as a tag. Always separate your tags with commas. Tags are not case sensitive and can be in either upper or lower case (capital or small) letters.

  • Why are tags so important?

Tags help customers in searching an artwork. Let us take an example. Suppose you have created a beautiful artwork and uploaded it on 404 Gallery. You have named this artwork ‘Courage’ and it shows a mother holding a child in her arms and walking through a storm. Now, imagine that you are a customer. How would you find this beautiful work among the thousands of artworks on 404 Gallery? It’s very easy for it to get lost. It is here that tags come to your help. If you insert proper tags in the appropriate field while uploading your artwork, users can find your artwork when they search for those tags. An example of such tags in this case could be – mother, child, storm, brave, rain, thunder, cloud, walk, love. If the user searches for any of these terms, your artwork will show up in the search results.

  • I have uploaded an image and it has been approved. How do I edit the details?

You can edit the details of your artwork by login into your account - going to your – Catalog – Products – you will see list of your art posted then clicking on the ‘Edit’ button you can edit your image and details. Be sure to Save, after you have updated your details.

  • How do I delete an image from my gallery?

Currently, you cannot delete an image from your gallery on your own. If you want to take off an image from 404 Gallery, please write to us, and we will delete it for you.

  • I entered all the right details for my artwork, but I uploaded the wrong image. What should I do?

Your only option is to upload the image once again all afresh, and enter the details again. After this, please send us a request to delete the incorrect image.

Packing and Couriering

  • Who has to courier the work to the buyer?

As the artist, you have to pack and courier the artwork to the customer. Remember, you need to include a colour printout of the Authenticity Certificate, inserted into an envelope, in the package when you courier it! Also print and post the Invoice you will raise on 404 Gallery to customer along with the artwork. We will not be able to pay you without a signed invoice from you.

  • Which courier should I use?

Using a good quality and reliable courier is essential to ensure a good impression on the buyer, as well as on 404 Gallery. Courier the artwork to the shipping address mentioned by the customer, and send the details of the courier on the 404 Gallery for tracking purposes. Remember, you need to include a colour printout of the Authenticity Certificate, inserted into an envelope, in the package when you courier it!

Alternately, we have tied up with our courier partners who can help you with shipping and delivery. This comes with no extra cost. You must be ready with your packaging on the day of the pickup from your address for our courier partners.    

  • What happens if an artwork is damaged in transit?

Sometimes, buyers claim that an artwork was damaged in transit. In such scenarios, the buyer is expected to contact us, and we’ll arrange for the return of the artwork to you, as well as a full refund for the buyer. However, we must point out that since you will be packing and couriering your artwork yourself, it is your responsibility to ensure that

    • The artwork is packed professionally and safely,
    • You choose a professional and reliable courier to courier it. Onward shipping by 404 Galllery will involve minimal intervention.
  • Can you give me the complete guidelines to packing my artwork?

Packing your artwork neatly and professionally not only leaves a good impression on the buyer, it also minimizes the chances of damage during couriering. To pack your artwork neatly and professionally, you’ll need the following material

    • Glassine Paper/Butter Paper
    • Bubble Wrap/Thermocol
    • Sealant like sellotape brown packing tape
    • Masking tape
    • A container for the painting – a tube for a roll, and a crate for framed/stretched artwork.

Here’s how you should pack your art.

    • Ensure paintings are completely dry before packing them. Research the correct amount of drying time before packing and keep a few extra days as a buffer.
    • Protect the painting with a layer of butter paper on the painted surface. Any material that comes in contact with the surface of the painting could potentially damage it.
    • Use the correct types of packing paper like glassine/ butter paper as the first layer between the painting and any packing material like bubble wrap or newspaper. DO NOT use printed paper, newspaper, or anything printed with ink to create the first layer of packing.
    • Now roll the canvas/ paper and cover it in a layer of bubble wrap to protect from moisture.
    • Insert this roll into a PVC or Cardboard tube and seal it from both ends.
    • If you are sending the artwork as stretched or framed, secure the glass by sticking masking tape in a cross across the glass.
    • Now cover it in a layer of bubble wrap, giving special attention to the edges. Finally, place this work in a wooden crate with a thermocol layer on all sides, seal and courier it.
  • Should I courier it framed or rolled?

404 Gallery always recommends couriering it rolled to reduce the chances of damage. However, if you have a painting that’s been framed well, and you don’t wish to remove it from the frame, you may consider couriering it as is. We do however, recommend that you read our packing guidelines and adhere to them before packing a framed painting.

  •  How can I tell my friends that my artwork is on 404 Gallery?

You can use the Facebook 'Like' and 'Send' buttons on the individual artwork page to share your artwork with your Facebook friends. The 'Send' button can be used to share your artwork with those friends who are not on Facebook as well. It will send an email to their email id. Alternatively, you can use the hyperlink of the page and share it in an email or on a blog etc. Just copy the link from the address bar of your browser and paste it wherever you want to.

  • What are the ‘Review’ and ‘Rating’ sections?

If people like your artwork and want to comment on it, they can do so in the Reviews section, either through Facebook or through 404 Gallery. Similarly, people can rate your artwork. If your artwork gets 5 stars on an average, it means that a lot of people have really liked your artwork. If you feel that your artwork has not received enough stars or comments, we would encourage you to share the artwork through the social network buttons so that others know about it. From time to time, 404 Gallery will also post your artwork on 404 Gallery’s social networking pages to raise awareness about your artwork.

  • I really want to spread awareness about 404 Gallery and about my artwork. How can I help?

Thank you for offering to help. It means a lot to us. The two best ways to spread the word around about 404 Gallery and your artworks, are to recommend 404 Gallery and your artwork pages to others. You can either do this by sending them the links to your 404 Gallery pages by email/text/chat, or you can talk about in your blog/tweets/posts etc. You can also like/follow our pages on social media sites like Facebook. This not only increases awareness about 404 Gallery, it also increases awareness about your artworks.

  • I need some help, or I am confused. How can I contact you?

Our primary objective is to help YOU – our artists. We are always at your service. Please feel to contact us with any questions you have. You can visit our Contact Us page to get the details of how to contact us.